Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Great Crested Casualty

ThanetLife came to my rescue this morning, when walking the dog on the beach, I found a very sick Great Crested Grebe. Rather than leave the bird on the sands, I bought it home, avoiding the attention of its beak and glad to be wearing gloves.

On the links column at the side of this web page I have some emergency numbers and one I have put up is the number for injured birds, so I rang it and a lady called Janet asked me to take the bird to the animal hospital in Margate, which I did, assisted by my daughter Charlotte.

The bird is now in safe hands but I did rather wonder about bird flu, however, the Grebe did notÂ’t look Chinese but you never can tell!

ED: Janet Smith, who lives in Cliftonville is the kind lady who takes-in injured birds. She has a friend who is a veterinary nurse in Whitstable and between them they do what they can for all kinds of injured wildlife. Janet, whose number you will find in the "links" section, tells me that the Grebe is very ill and may not survive and that if readers do find an injured or sick animal or bird, they should immediately take it to the Animal Hospital in Margate and they in turn will hand it over to Janet for care.

She's a wonderful lady and deserve real thanks and recognition for what she does.

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