Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Gone Missing - GCSE Results

Kent Online reports that 2005 results for pupils at The Ramsgate School in last summer’s GCSE examinations are missing from the Government league tables.

Information about how Year 11 fared and the school’s other performance indicators are not included.

The Ramsgate School announced last year that a four-term blitz by a hand-picked team of education trouble-shooters had successfully pulled it out of the doldrums and forecasted expected improved results in the 2005 summer exams.

This followed special measures imposed by the Government after Ofsted inspectors rated it as a failing school. It consistently appeared at the foot, or near it, of the league tables.

Although The Ramsgate School officially closed in July to be replaced by the Marlowe Academy on the same site at Stirling Way, Newington, since last September - the £30 million adjoining complex opens this September - The Ramsgate School did exist when students sat their GCSe exams. Staff and students from The Ramsgate School now form a large part of the Academy.

According to thenew report on the Kent Online website, Senior teachers across Thanet, who do not wish to be named, have questioned the lack of information regarding The Ramsgate School and whether the league tables released last week give an accurate snapshot of the island's all-round educational performance last summer when the exams were sat.

When Kent County Council was asked for comment, a spokeswoman said that their officers have not been told the results either and suggested contacting the Department for Education and Skills.

A spokeswoman for the Department for Education and Skills said that if a school is no longer open then the results will not appear on the league tables.

"Our responsibility via the league tables is to give parents information upon which they can consider options offered by their local schools. The Marlowe Academy results will be included in the tables next year.

"Tables are just one way that parents have of measuring the performance of a school - other information is included in the prospectus, one their websites and through Osfsted reports, for example.

"Information has not been withheld - if the school is not open, then the results will not be published."


Anonymous said...

The 'Ministry of Truth' is at it again. All pictures and all records obliterated; The Conyngham School,oops, sorry, The Ramsgate School never existed,did it?
Or is this a typical Blair's Britain move to obfuscate the failure of too many Academies to improve GCSE grades? Freedom of Information?- forget it!

James Maskell said...

Cant someone put in a request for the results using the Freedom of Information Act? I know its ridiculous that the FOIA needs to be used to find out how a school did in its exams but Im sure we would like to know whether the school improved or not. I dont know why the Government wouldnt not want to release the information. Its hardly sensitive...