Wednesday, January 18, 2006

East Enders

A reflection on social history, from a chance conversation with one of our local traders, who recently had his windows smashed by a drunk.

“I used to live in the East End”, he said and in those days, we would pay protection money to the local Godfather figure. If any drunk or teenage vandal smashed our windows then or damaged our property, justice of a kind, would be swift and hard, which is why it very rarely if ever happened.” It’s funny” he added, I pay all this money to the insurance company for business insurance, I pay extortionate business rates and I pay an equally high community charge and for all this money, nothing can be done to stop my windows being broken on a regular basis.”

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Anonymous said...

anon again!
Mum's Army.... chance number 2!
How about "Mum's Mafia"?
Now that would be scary to most of these cowardly little ratbag's.
Who would need the Police if Mum's REALLY gor upset!!!