Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Council Tax Up - No Surprise

And now for the bad news. Kent Online reports that council taxpayers in Kent face an increase in their bills of 4.75 per cent this year - twice the rate of inflation.

Kent County Council, which accounts for the largest slice of the council tax, has proposed spending plans that will see average bills rising by £41 to £918 for those in homes in Band D.

The largest number of council taxpayers in Kent live in Band C homes and for them, bills will rise to £816, the equivalent of an additional 73 pence a week.

County Hall’s Conservative leaders say that while the rise is higher than they would have liked, their £1.3billion budget will safeguard key services and no jobs will be lost.

KCC says it has also managed to pare back spending on administration to save £35million and has set out plans to save a further £30million between now and 2008.

KCC’s budget will be agreed at a meeting in February. District and borough councils are expected to confirm their budgets in the newt few weeks. Full details of KCC’s plans can be seen at www.kent.gov.uk

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Cllr David Green said...

Actually, it is a bit surprising because the overall settlement from the Government was +5.3%, way above inflation.
Funding for schools was increased by a +6.9% which is above the national average and way in excess of what the Tory administration was expecting.
Funding for other aspects of the County Council’s work have increased by +2.0%. This covers activities such as social services, waste disposal, environmental protection and economic regeneration. As education accounts for about 75% of the budget, Kent got a very good deal.
There is no justification for any increase in Council Tax.