Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Common Sense Prevails

Councillor Clive Hart has written in with some good news for those of you who objected to the new street signs on Margate seafront. A question was asked at a KCC meeting and Cllr Ferrin has replied:

“As you will be aware, Kent Highways are carrying out a study on the amount of street signage with some focus on Margate seafront. This acknowledges the importance of reducing "sign clutter" but unfortunately was put together before the signs that you mention were erected.

My understanding is that there was a technical reason for the size of these signs. The position of the signs, on the seafront, means that they attract a significant wind loading and if foundations for such signs are not large enough they can blow over. However a significant foundation was not possible as there are a large number of cables and pipe below the footway. The designers have therefore used the large lattice columns that you have commented on. These are less susceptible to wind pressure and mean that a smaller foundation could be used.

Having said all that however I do agree that the signs do look out of proportion along the seafront and I have therefore issued and asked for an instruction to have them replaced, with signs that are more in proportion and do not detract from Margate’s character.”

Ed: A small victory for Cllr Hart and for ThanetLife too perhaps?


David said...

While they're at it, could they update the brown sign? With the exception of adding the Turner Visitor Centre it's the same as it was previously. I know it's just been sold, but haven't the Margate Caves been closed for several years? And still there are no directions to the Theatre Royal or Shell Grotto, both of which deserve more recognition, or even the Old Town which they are supposed to be trying to promote.

Anonymous said...

Indeed well done to Clive Hart, who recorded a second similar victory today on promise of action for disabled parking spaces, again with Keith Ferrin, and again in a committee. Credit where it is due.

Chris Wells