Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Charter Flights from Manston this Summer

The BBC reports that Infratil, the new owner of Kent International Airport has announced that charter flights will resume from summer 2006.

Infratil said it would reveal the name of the new charter operator at a news conference to be held on Wednesday.

The company took over the airport, based at Manston, in August last year after the previous owner PlaneStation went into administration.

Freight services started again from September, but regular passenger flights have yet to return.


Anonymous said...


Anon Also said...

More window-shattering take-offs and landings for us Ramsgatonians, then.

Anonymous said...

Great! Business and jobs and money coming into Thanet, lets hope we get a budget airline in again as well.
As far as noise is concerned well we will have to put up with it, it won't be bad now we don't have those badly maintained old russian cargo planes thundering in and out.
And it will never be as noisy as when the air force used manston, boy, was that noise impressive!

I have said it before - you only have the right to complain about normal activities at an airport if the airport wasn't there when you bought your house.

Pete K said...

I was in a state of shell shock and all of my windows blew out every time one of those EUjets landed. Noisy Fokkers.

God knows how I survived the 80's when F111s etc. would frequently use Manston for practise.

Anon Also said...

And with the wind in the right direction, you could also hear the SRN4s take off from the hoverport!

But as for not complaining about an airport that's already there, I think we have every right to complain if it starts being put to a new use that wasn't previously envisaged, as Manston has been in the past few years.

Anonymous said...

If you buy a house close to a piggery, expect to smell pig-sh**. If you live beside an airport that has been in regular use for over 60 years then expect aircraft noise. Please stop moaning about the problem and either sell-up and move or install double-glazing. Let us all hope that Manston lifts off again; the dashing of hopes after EU jets demise was almost too much to bear.

Anon Also said...

So I'm supposed to support the Council spending my money on something that's going to make my life a misery, but deplore them spending it on something that might enhance my life, like a local arts centre?

Anonymous said...

anon again!
Manston, is after all said and done, an Airport. An important Airport. If the flights, initially, are to go only on Thursdays, I don't think that that can be criticised. EU Jet had loads more flights daily.
All houses in Thanet are close to Manston, some nearer than others. Depending on which way the wind blows, I did sometimes hear the Jets t/o and landing, this was no disturbance, even on the busy days. Too many people complain about one of the few things that can really help Thanet climb out of its gloom. (I think a £30,000,000 Contemporary Gallery would lead to GREATER gloom for MORE people).

Anonymous said...

I support the view of the last comment, the Fokkers used by EUJET were very quiet,
As far as the blinking Turner Thing is concerned its a wicked waste of money and Margate's very own Millennium Dome.
Millions to be spent on that abortion of a building (if you can call it a building, rather a sunken section of ship) for the arty farty few who contribute nothing useful to the basic needs of the majority of the population.

Anon Also said...

I think that last comment adequately demonstrates why Thanet is in the state it is!

Anonymous said...

If I were in the position of many of Thanet's population - that is living in substandard housing, with dirty streets, closed shops, rundown inner-city like areas, afraid to go out on the streets at night, with few good facilities for the kids, low employment prospects etc then I would be very annoyed to see all that money being spent on an art centre for the "cultured" minority.
Turner Contemporary won't benefit many here!
Knock it on the head!

James Maskell said...

If the Turner Contemporary isnt built in Thanet and goes elsewhere, we will still have to pay for it. As long as it is built in Kent we will have to pay for it.

Thanet's not as bad as some think. About the crime aspect have a look at the Crime and Disorder Audit (it can be found on the TDC website). Most of the crime is centred on key areas, the ones we hear about all the time (Cliftonville being one of them). Its not as widespread as many think. As for substandard housing, eforts are being made to make housing better.

The lack of facilities is an interesting one because I dont think thats the problem. The problem is that people arent aware of the ones already existing. There are plenty of activities around Thanet for young people to attend. People just havent been told. The Thanet Youth Strategy will aim to rectify that situation (I have been busy recently so havent been able to send a report to Simon about the Thanet Local Board meeting, but I wil do this soon).

Anonymous said...

Have any of the people who talk about it being like an inner city here actually lived in an inner city? They haven't got a clue.

Anonymous said...

James - the budget for Thanet's worst areas for grants for substandard housing last year was £300,000, not anything like enough and was quickly spent on a bit of work on 27 houses.
About 3000 more substandard houses to go then.
We need a huge amount to upgrade them, but not as much as the Turner centre would cost.
Its a question of priorities.

And as far as the last post is concerned - I used to live in Mossside which was (and is) one of the worst areas in Manchester - so I do know.