Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Burglars Target Thanet Homes

More than 50 people have been arrested for burgling houses in the two months since Kent Police began its campaign to drive down burglary crime on the isle, however the burglary rate is still up.

Of the 55 people arrested since 1 December, 13 have been remanded in custody or sentenced to imprisonment. Officers have also executed more than 30 search warrants for stolen property.

Detective Sergeant Tony Pledger, the officer in charge of efforts to drive down burglaries on the isle, said that despite the high number of prosecutions, burglary rates were still high because thieves were still being given too many opportunities to get into resident’s homes.

“A large number of the burglaries we are getting at the moment have resulted from homes being left insecure,” he said. “A lot of burglars go from house to house looking for unlocked doors and windows, and unfortunately they have been finding a lot lately.
“Residents have to remember to lock their homes up securely, even when they are at home, otherwise they are giving burglars an invitation to literally walk in and take whatever they want.”

DS Pledger asked residents to also be wary of anyone hanging around their neighbourhood and to report any suspicious activity to the police.

“Everyday we have uniformed officers and detectives out on the streets and back alleys trying to catch burglars and drive down crime, but we still really need residents’ help to bring them to justice,” he said.

“Be suspicious of people hanging about your street, get to know your neighbours and join a Neighbourhood Watch Scheme.

“If anyone wants anymore information about home security or joining Neighbourhood Watch then call Thanet’s Watch Liaison Officer, Terry McCormick, on (01843) 222 176.”


Anonymous said...

With two of my neighbours burgled in the past three weeks and the 'muggings' happening around Laleham School, this little corner of Cliftonville has become a crime zone again. I trust Kent's 'Finest' will soon tickle relevant collars. When will magistrates learn that prison removes crime because it removes criminals.

Anonymous said...

If you really want to get a picture about rising crime in Thanet visit Kent Police website and look for Thanet and stats. 80 crimes per 1000 residents and the last 4 months show major increases.The national stats for Thanet in 2003/4 show approx 30 crimes per 1000 residents per year. Nice to know that we are averaging over 33 crimes per day over the year.

Anonymous said...

anon again!

If the burglars get caught, am I correct in believing that it costs me then, as a taxpayer, £200-£300 per day to look after them and treat them respectably in Prison?

I have a better idea... let them work in Industry! Imagine Rover Cars being built with NO wages to pay out (for instance), or other jobs of work where they can work to support the pensioners funding, or the truthfully unemployed (not the skivers!).
I think it is high time to review the whole Prisons situation. What a waste of human energy, and space.
Let the criminals regain respect that way, rather than shutting them away doing NOTHING.

These are just my thoughts, and have no bearing on the realities of life on this Planet.

Anonymous said...

Building more prisons and locking felons up reduces crime. I am happy for the nation to bear the cost even if they are doing nothing. At least they wont be burgling houses in Cliftonville and mugging old ladies.

DrMoores said...

The American experience of the past 20 years shows that three things reduce crime: police who catch criminals, courts that convict them and jails to put them in. Britain’s score? Pretty much nil, nil, nil.