Friday, January 06, 2006

Brown Out

I see that the odds have now shortened considerably on young David Miliband taking over from the President when he finally leaves No10.

I suggested this in one of my weblogs a very long time ago and with the Conservatives under a new leader, David Cameron, attracting a record number of new members, I suspect the writing may be on the wall for Gordon Brown.

The temptation to walk down to Ladbrokes and lay a large bet on the succession with Miliband at 9:1 odds is very strong and I don’t normally bet.

When the time comes for Tony Blair to go and enjoy his “retirement”, Labour, like the LibDems could find itself in a leadership dilemma. In my own opinion Gordon Brown has passed his sell by date and Cameron is right, he’s an eighties politician, old, new Labour who we all know will tax us shamelessly but less covertly, if he has the chance. Anyway, should Labour really put its future in the hands of a man who can’t stop biting his nails into middle age or should it choose another Tony clone instead, one with the impeccable socialist credentials of the Milibands?


Cllr David Green said...

This, from a man who, like Roger Gale, supported David Davis for leadership of the Tories. If ever there was an '80s Thatcherite, it was he.
In the meantime Cameron is busy climbing on board everthing Blair and Brown have done in the last 10 years. How long do you think the media "love in" will last? I wouldnt give up on your man Davis yet!

DrMoores said...

But did I vote for anyone and how does David Green know if I did? Ironically, I have to call DD's office on Monday but on another matter entirely but I'll make a point of passing on your best wishes. Do remember readers that I may be a little more familiar with the personalities and the interior decorations of No10 than perhaps David Green is. So David £100 on Miliband to win then?

Cllr David Green said...

Just a guess?
I very rarely bet, though I must admit I did make a hundred quid on Steve Ladyman retaining South Thanet!
What odds would you want?

DrMoores said...

Well, Miliband is presently nine to one I think and Brown six to one for the labour party leadership but teh President scuppered that last night by saying he will stay on until the bitter end.. that's if you can believe anything he says these days!