Thursday, January 19, 2006

The Big Issue - The TC and the CT

One of our readers has asked what is possibly the question of the week:

“How much will the Turner Contemporary cost the council tax payers in Thanet?”

This is a question (TC/CT=?) that may have been answered before but perhaps one of our local councillors would volunteer an explanation to put everyone’s mind to rest over the costs and any consequential impact on our own community in supporting them.


Anonymous said...

While we wait for a reply to your question I'm fascinated by the picture. Could this be Thanet's version of 'The Emperor's New Clothes'? I can see the Droit House but I can't see the TC. Is it possibly because I'm an unintelligent CT payer? When I visited the Lake District National Park Visitor Centre in Whinlatter, Cumbria last year, I am sure I saw the Lake District National Park or was it all an illusion?


Anonymous said...

The answer is the value of the land that is part of the deal with KCC only. No cash. The land was valued at around £900,00 if memory serves me correctly and was transferred to KCC last year.

Chris Wells

Anonymous said...

That is a scandal, we have given away £900,000 !!!
For a white elephant.
When it all goes pearshaped will we ever get the land back?
Is there a clause to that effect?
And Chris - when you "no cash" - perhaps you should qualify that with a "yet".
I am no politician but even I can see that we, the luckless ratepayers of Thanet,will end up subsidising this useless monstrosity that only the politicians and "artists" of Thanet want built.

Cllr David Green said...

Capital Cost £23M so far.
Addition Capital Costs before completion £5M (My estimate. Value of donated land, Highways Work etc. )
Projected lifetime 60 years ie £2M per year.
Running Cost £2M

Total cost £4M pa of which approx half has been identified as grants and charges to the visiting public.

Who pays? Kent tax payer? Thanet’s share about 10% or £200,000 pa for 60 years.

Indirect costs, more difficult. Is it distorting how TDC’s and KCC’s budget is spent?
Does it mean other projects are put on hold or rejected?

Balanced against that is whatever money the project attracts into the local economy?
Brave attempt to revitalise Margate or expensive folly?
I hope Chris Well’s projections are correct, if so it will be a good deal.

James Maskell said...

Cllr David Green, do you support the Turner Contemporary?

Anonymous said...

anon again!

oh dear, I seem to have lit the blue touch paper, maybe I ought to stand back....

I was merely wondering, just how this Gallery will benefit Margate, let alone Thanet. People wrongly compare this to the Guggenheim building North of Canterbury. I wouldn't go there either, but I "might" go to San Sebastian in Spain, to the one there.

This sort of thing should be kept simple/uncomplicated, to start with.
IF, and only IF, that becomes a success, then (and only then), should you invest more.
To jump into the £30M expensive DEEP END, and have a total flop there, would be an unholy waste of money (Public or otherwise). Who would be to blame? Thanet DC or KCC.... Councillors have a way of disappearing, (up their own backsides), if they get into troubles of this sort.

My idea, would be to buy and modernise, for example, Hoy House (or a similar property). Make that the Gallery, it could be sold on if the base idea was successful, and funds go to the new build.
Most people forget that Rome was not built in a day! (they were still building last year when I was there).
What I mean is.... curb the idea, that this £30,000,000 Turner Contemporary Gallery, will be an insant success. Put up the original £7,000,000 to buy and convert something like Hoy House.
Then wait, and go from there.
It's sensible really. At the moment, it seems like Councillors are losing their wits by being confronted with so much money! It's too hot to handle, and must be spent on some ludicrous waste of a plan.....

May I remind you, that if I can't drink a glass of FRESH DRINKING WATER (because there isn't any)in a couple of years, but instead, can go and visit an Art gallery.... I, for one,won't be very happy!

Anonymous said...

Will our Council Tax go directly towards ancillary items such as keeping the surrounding environment clean, clearing away the rotting seeweed, etc etc?

James Maskell said...

I was under the impression that the money is going towards this project and cant be spent on other ideas. If we dont have the Turner Contemporary then its our loss and itll go elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

Dear Anon Again,

I was not aware there was a Guggenheim Museum North of Canterbury, or indeed in San Sebastian.

There is one, however, in Bilbao. I've been to it, and it's bloody brilliant.


Anon Also

Anonymous said...

anon again!
Bilbao, I knew it was Northern Spain. I will check up on the Canterbury details, I've only "heard" about it recently. (not even sure that one exists there).
My apologies for mistake.