Friday, January 20, 2006


Snapped this afternoon, a Bumble Bee sunning himself in my garden, which rather took me by surprise, as it’s still January but perhaps the bee doesn’t know this.

A sign of global warming perhaps and I hope, for the bee's sake, that the Russian winter, now touching -60c in parts of the country, stays where it is and doesn’t come this way.

To change the subject completely, democracy in Thanet appears to be alive and well, evidenced by a public meeting on “Thanet Matters”, with a number of Councillors present, to discuss and answer questions in Broadstairs.

This will take place on Monday evening at 6.30pm for 7pm at Charles Dickens School, Broadstairs refreshments provided. I’ll certainly try and attend if I’m back from London in time. If not, then will some kind person please volunteer a report back to me to publish here.


James Maskell said...

I will be there. Its a meeting of the Kent County Council Thanet Local Board. According to the papers it will be about the Thanet Youth Strategy (amongst other thngs I imagine) which Im sure many readers here will find interest in. Itll be talking about activities young people can be involved in, to involve them in the community better.

Anonymous said...

Strangely I saw a butterfly in my garden in Ramsgate yesterday. Global warming really must be having an effect.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous of 2:02pm. What species was it?

Anon Also said...

Well I'm not very up on butterflies, and I only saw it from the bedroom window, fluttering around the privit hedge in the front garden in the weak winter sun.

It looked sort of brown and red. From looking at pics on the internet, I would say it most resembled a small tortoiseshell.

But surely it would be mad to be out in the middle of winter!?!

Anon Also said...

Just an update on this.

I've just been chatting with a couple of people in the waiting room at my dentist in North London, and they also report seeing bees and butteflies on this particular weekend, so maybe global warming is happening after all!

Although it doesn't feel like it today (25 Jan)!