Sunday, January 08, 2006

Be a Journalist in 2006

Fancy yourself as a journalist or a digital photographer? In 2006 I’m really hoping for more involvement from our readers and so if you have a story and perhaps a camera too, don’t be shy in coming forward and sending it along to me at Thanet Life. I’ll edit whatever you send, so don’t be intimidated by worries over grammar or punctuation. (Cos I make mistakes all the time either that or MS Word second guesses me and autocorrects my spelling with dire results.)

Involvement is very much the name of the game and so if you see or hear of anything interesting let me know, after all, I bump into lots of stories each week and with seventy thousand or so adults living in Thanet, there must be a great deal more happening in the towns than I can possibly write about on my own.


onelosthousemate said...

"I’ll edit whatever you send, so don’t be intimidated by and worries over grammar or punctuation."

might want to check your own spelling.

DrMoores said...

OOOps and quite right too.. I type too fast and miss the obvious sometimes! Mind you when material does come in, it frequently demands a little tweaking! - Thanks for pointing out the mistake!