Friday, December 02, 2005


A Welsh invention which claims to repel rowdy teenage ne'er-do-wells while leaving lawabiding fortysomethings and septuagenarian war heroes to go about their business unmolested has been creating a bit of a stir in the UK and international press this week.

Howard Stapleton's "Mosquito" emits an ultrasonic sound which can be heard by most kids and teenagers but is inaudible to the majority of adults over 30 due to the inevitable deterioration of hearing with age.

Field tests at a grocery store in Barry, South Wales, and a shop in Stapleton's home town of Merthyr Tydfil have proved successful, with rowdy yobs driven from the premises.

The future looks bright for the Mosquito, with its inventor admitting to Reuters: "All I'm getting is pats on the back." And no wonder.

Ed: Wonder when it will be available in Thanet. There will be queues for miles and I can imagine every shop and every village high street being equipped with one. You can hear more details about this fascinating device on the Inquirer podcast here.


Anonymous said...

Wonder if he can produce an industrial strength job..... mount 'em on the loop buses and create a no-go area!!

Anonymous said...

What I want is something which stops mobile phones working for a few yards around me.
However put me down for a dozen of these things as well.
And a plipper which turns down the TV in pubs.

England would suddenly be a better place to live.