Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Wet Wet - Not

Margate swimming pool is closed until 29th December. I just took my daughter down there for the first time in ages and there’s a sign saying “Sorry pool closed Sports Hall open.”

Rumours that this is a Health & Safety issue – having water in a pool - or that someone has stolen the pool’s plug are quite unfounded but the Lido open air sea pool remains available for more enthusiastic and hardy swimmers.


James Maskell said...

Ive not been to the Leisure Centre since I went there with a friend and her little brother, who suffers from Down's Syndrome, back in October 2003. He ran down the fire escape from the public gallery and jumped into the pool. Thankfully I had noticed and dragged him out of the deep end of the big pool before his head went under the water. If I hadnt rushed down and pulled him out of the water he would almost certainly have drowned. The lifeguards would have been too late and appeared after he was out of the pool. He was fine by the way.

ossie said...

Several years ago I made the same remark about Margate pool being closed during the Xmas break. Thanet Council took the comment on-board and opened it the next year but the uptake was so poor it was embarrassing to see.