Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Tracey Returns

Hooray! Margate’s most famous modern artist Tracey Emin will be signing copies of her autobiographical novel, ‘Strangelands’, on Thursday.

The signing will be from 5pm until 8pm at the Walpole Bay Hotel in Fifth Avenue Cliftonville. Copies of the book, which is a mixture of fact, fiction, and dreams, will be on sale at £14.99 or people can bring their own.

I must rush out and buy a copy!

To celebrate her return I recommend that you try your own hand at creating award-winning art here. Winners will of course be placed in the Turner Contemporary when it's built but in the meantime I'm thinking of creating a virtual version for rather less than £28 million- I wonder if there's a grant available because I could have it up by the end of the week!


onelosthousemate said...

Bought the book around a month ago. Havent finished it yet however small it may be because been very busy, but overall I thought it was very good if not a little graphic. Mostly i've had the same opinion as others.

Must surely be worth a read, and if you get it signed as well, well it'll be worth a bob or two when she kicks the bucket (then i'll become Thanet's premier artist!)

Anonymous said...

Sorry I won't be there to meet her, I have an unavoidable prior engagement - to clean out the fluff from the back of my telly.
As far as tracy kicking the bucket - I must say I have often thought she doesn't look in very good condition for her age but I didn't know others shared my lack of concern.