Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Package Phone Scam

Trading Standards officers in Kent are warning people about a premium rate phone scam.

The rip-off involves householders being encouraged to dial an 090 number at £1.50 a minute, to collect a package. They are kept on the line for at least four minutes.

Consumers first receive leaflets through their letterboxes saying that a parcel is waiting for collection.

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Anonymous said...

I recommend that unless it is really necessary to use the 0900 Premium Rate service to telephone BT and have these blocked. Unfortunately there is a small charge for this but it's better than being faced with a huge bill.
There are plenty of this type of "Scams" doing the rounds. In the past I had the misfortune of contracting a "Dialer Virus" on my PC which added £ 48.00 to my bill.