Sunday, December 11, 2005

Out to Lunch

The website may be a little quiet until Wednesday but I’ll be back.


maths genius said...

Except for you me and James it is pretty well at a standstill anyway, it shouldn't be as there is lots on here to stimulate discussion but they rarely get going.
This is Thanet after all so we shouldn't be surpised as 50% of the inhabitants are apathetic, 50% don't know what it means and 50% couldn't care less anyway.

James Maskell said...

Indeed, things have gotten a little quiet here.

One thing thats just come up in the press today is a story in the Express about mini-motos, 2 ft versions of motorbikes that can ride at 60mph. They are becoming more and more popular with children from six to 16 years old.

Apparently police officers have been told not to chase young people on them for fear that the rider will fall off causing serious injury to themselves. These things are highly dangerous, something the Home Office minister, Andy Burnham, knows for fact - a 13-year-old boy in his constituency died in a crash on one earlier this year.

My major concern stems from the opening of HT Autos, which sells these types of bikes. The shop is situated at the Victoria Road Traffic Lights, next door to the new Grill Cafe. As we all know, that junction is not safe, especially for mini-motos (there was a crash earlier this year near the junction involving a mini-moto rider - there wasnt much in the press about it).

My concern is that a young child will be riding one of these on the road and will be involved in a collision at the Victoria Road Traffic Lights.

Does anyone else here share my concerns? Any comments about this or about the Victoria Road Traffic Lights in general are welcome.

DrMoores said...

In general talking about road safety in Thanet makes one sound like Victor Meldrew but I do agree, Mini bikes should be banned as a complete menance to the rider and to the public. Mind you, as I've said many times before, this is a dodgy place to drive anyway. just watech one young mother swaying down the Thanet Way at an estimated 125, fag in mouth, baby in front seat as the trademark beaten up BMW with one tail light,wobbled from lane to lane as she fiddled with something, eventually disappearing into one of the Birchington estates.! Perhaps we could ban BMWs or at least those older than ten years!

Anonymous said...

Don't blame her, she was probably on the phone at the time,just before stopping on the wrong side of the road so she could get the kid out of the back on the traffic side of the car, leaving the cardoor open for several minutes to be knocked off by any passing car.
And all that on the yellow zigzag lines outside the school where she was dropping off little Wayne to terrosise the other kids during the school day and prevent them getting a decent education.
And they say I'm cynical?????
I stupidly once tried to tell a woman driving a car that it wasn't safe to have the baby loose on her lap whilst driving.
She just told me to f off.
Actually why should I care if these morons die?