Friday, December 09, 2005

On the Beat

I heard an interesting statistic from a contractor yesterday, that in Westgate alone, there are twenty childrens homes from just a single agency, which has forty-nine of these spread across Thanet, a fraction of the total number. Does anyone have the actual figures as the ‘Thanet Report’ on the KCC website doesn’t appear to be willing to share the true numbers which may or may not be reflected in the rising provision for special needs places in a number of local primary and secondary schools?

Meanwhile, on another matter, reading through the Thanet Gazette this morning, the people of Birchington are calling out for more visible and regular policing along the High Street in the evenings as gangs of youths continue to cause problems for local businesses and residents. Thanet police are, it appears overstretched and Birchington is suffering as a consequence. Policing is something we all pay for in our inflated community charges and each and every community has a right to it and not excuses in regard to available manpower.


James Maskell said...

Looking at the copy I have, the Thanet Report says there is 35 Children's Homes in Thanet all provided by private companies providing care for the most vulnerable of young people. TDC and KCC have agreed a protocol not to support approval of any more.

Anonymous said...

I have personal experience of some of the teenage residents from one of these companies which operate a few homes, I better not say exactly which one but the name is to do with a village just outside Birchington on the way to Canterbury, and is also to do with Christmas.
Anyway, some of the kids are not kept under control and have done a lot of damage, the management just don't seem to care, and in fact deny it is as bad as it really is.
Its a shame for us, the kids and Thanet in general.
Can't say too much as civil court proceedings against this company for the damage are in hand.
It will be interesting to see how we get on in Court.
The company concernned make a LOT of money from these kids and should be more responsible.