Saturday, December 17, 2005

A Merry Winterval to One and All

Reading some of the comments on one of our local schools, I’m struck by a columnist in The Times today who writes: “Education has ceased to be concerned with cultural enrichment, as it awards every dullard a coconut, just as scholarship has to battle its way through a business culture of outcomes and outputs. Welfare, dispensed by a State that has obliterated any sense of individual responsibility, has created new forms of appetency and an angry culture of perpetually frustrated rights.”

The column begins by looking at the “Resistance to politically correct attempts to expunge Christianity from our culture — the conversion of Christmas into ‘winterval’”, which I saw Cliff Richard complaining about yesterday, objecting to the London Christmas lights being renamed “Winter decorations”, a follow-on from what I was saying the other day from Amman, where even Arab taxi drivers think it’s lunacy!

Anyway, the column might be worth a read. You’ll find it here.


Anonymous said...

In truth this government is almost Maoist in its approach and pretence that effectively all that was around and in place before 1997 (the cultural revolution) was bad and must be changed. However, the more they changed, the more the worst elements remained the same. This was the government that opposed slease and dishonesty - remember that? This was the government whose mantra was education education education, sounded better than the truth, which is debt collection debt collection debt collection. And now, blow me down, we see the return of grant maintained schools, under another name and without the resources to make them work. The HOuse of Lords has been savaged, but never replaced with any properly thought out alternative...I could go on but I'm sure you get the drift.

Just as people see through the nonsense we are going to replace the Blair Babes with Daves Dolls. Though, of course, that is a totally incorrect way to label them is it not?

Chris Wells

Anonymous said...

Never mind all that Chris, I just love the photo of that cute little silver tabby kitten, don't you?

By the way, I agree with you so much on those points that I am leaving UK as soon as I can dispose of my assets without paying too much capital gains tax.
Time to go to US where, in spite of the much publicised gun culture, I have never had any problem and where the police are effective and proactive.

B of Birchington said...

Without Jesus Christ there would be no "holiday" either Festive or Winterval. That piece of logic seems to escape the people who try to ban the word Christmas.
The whole question would be laughable if it wasn't so tragic.

Anonymous said...

Yes....and no. The festival of Christmas was sort of grafted onto an existing mid winter celebration by the early church. Which does not mean, by the way, that in saying so you cannot have faith in Christ and all his sacrifice means, and just how much good has been done in his name. Bottom line here is that this country and its culture is heavily rooted in Christianity, and to deny it or try and erase it for expediency or any other reason is foolish, denying our roots and the very basis of civilisation in our society.

Chris Wells

Anonymous said...

Chris - I do agree with what you say but I feel that the "bottom line" etc you mention is fast becoming a thing of the past. Not so much "is" but "was".
I have read that more Muslims are practising their religion here than people here who claim C of E as their religion.
No I don't like it, I think its wrong, and its our fault. If we were more active then the balance might be restored.
This is why, as I have mentioned elswhere on this site,we are leaving for the US where there is much more of a Christian culture which rather oddly after 250 years of Independence is more traditional English than what is here in UK now.

Anonymous said...

Yes, and this creates challenges to our government elites of all parties and senior civil servants which I do not believe they have yet woken up to. As I have stated elsewhere on this site before, the view from the perspective of the upper middle class urban elite is very different from that across other parts of the country. There is an orthodoxy in attitude to many of these issues whcich is only truly being challenged publicly by 2 black men, the new Archbishop of York and the head of the commission for racial equality.Race (and implicitly alongside it) religious hatred is the new Mcarthyism in our society. In sentancing judgements recently the tarriff for inclusion of race in murder literally doubled the sentance in 2 equally horrific crimes; in another a clearly racial element in an attack was excluded in an asian on white attack as not being racist. At the other end of the scale, race advisor nationally put out lists of religious festivals excluding christian dates from their lists on the grounds that it is too make people aware of other religions, and recently in Broadstairs I have been criticized for supporting with councillors funds the renewal of a churches together notice board, as it only represents one part of our religious groupings.

Really, truly, you could not have made up such a pot mess of half baked principle and lack of common sense in a fictional novel and got anyone to believe you.

If this is truly modern britain, as some would have us believe, then it may be time for many of us to head off somewhere else. And it truly is our fault for not standing up for our established belief system and defending what we value about our society. Those values which so many wish to join through immigration, which our own leaders seem to wish to constantly denigrate and undermine.