Thursday, December 29, 2005

Manston RAF Fire Station Museum

The Ministry Of Defence Fire Services Central Training Establishment (MODFSCTE) and fire station at Manston has a museum, which I only found out about today. Apparently, to book a visit, one has to telephone the volunteer curator: on 01843 823351 Ext. 6394. According to the website, “When nobody's around to answer the phone, please allow 20 rings before the answer phone kicks in.”

The email address is

I’ll try and book a visit and take some photos. The website URL is:

Below is a short video of an exercise taking place at Manston RAF fire station involving a burning aircraft

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Anonymous said...

I remember visiting the Fire school as a boy when I was at Charles Dickens. I also remember some lad having a go on the foam spayer and whatever he did the foam came out backwards making him appear rather lathered up. I also remember visiting the firestation at Westwood. The leading fire officer took us into his office where on his desk was a tall pile of porn magazines. He said "Oh dear I wonder who left that there?" Whilst there the crew took a shout to Manston as a helicopter was having trouble landing in windy conditions and their presence was needed in case it crashed. We were left in an empty station with a pile of magazines. Great days.