Thursday, December 22, 2005

Flying Wallets

Funny I should be writing about crime figures as when I was walking along Station Rd in Westgate this morning with my daughter, a wallet flew out of a passing bus and landed at our feet.

I immediately tried Tony Bailey, our Community Warden on my mobile but he’s on holiday and the police, well, they are a little too busy to do anything about it other than record my details. There’s no money in the wallet but it holds the lady’s driving license, birth certificate, bank cards, supermarket cards and even National Insurance card among others. Enough in fact for me to clone her identity if I wished to, so she’s lucky it landed where it did, with me and not in front of anyone less honest.

Next step is to get the wallet back to her as she must be in a state, two days before the Christmas weekend, having it lost or perhaps stolen. The video card is one good clue, so I’ve asked the video shop to call her and tell her I have it. The driving license address may be out of date and she doesn’t exist on any of the online search services I have access to in either her married or maiden name.

Back to the police then and a quick word with the CID at Margate. I’ll drop the wallet in later to the front desk there, rather than deliver it to what might be the woman’s address, which is my first impulse. This is Thanet after all and there’s always a risk that being a Good Samaritan might backfire, i.e. I might possibly be accused of taking any money that was in the wallet in the first place.

I’ll let you know what happens next, if anything. By the way, the police tell me that there are two “Big incidents” taking place in Thanet this morning. Does anyone know what has sucked-away our police resources?


Anonymous said...

Big Incident (1) Car with out of date tax disc spotted by eagle-eyed copper.
(2) Vandal seen drawing moustache and glasses on poster of Tony Blair.
Bring back the death penalty for these criminals!

Anonymous said...

Just 'flew' out of a bus window? Hardly surprising there was no cash in it then....
Just hope the owner had'nt just been to the hole in the wall......