Friday, December 23, 2005

Fifty Thousand Plus

I see we sprinted by the fifty-thousand visit mark while I was in bed last night. Thank you everyone for helping Thanet Life to reach this mark so quickly and I wonder what 2006 holds for it as a local resource.

One big challenge remains that of letting more people know that its there as Google is pretty obstinate over finding it against the “Thanet” background noise. If you do link to it, then please link to the main URL and NOT the server at which simply hosts it, otherwise there is no chance of it rising up the rankings.

Thanet Extra has done a nice review of the book “Thanet from the Air”, now being sold by Michael’s bookshop (01843 589500) and as I’m writing this, I’m interrupted by the doorbell and the cheery face of Jason the postman who has, by complete coincidence, a packet of books from Michael himself with several copies of “Thanet from the Air” and a new publication for me to look at, with the title, “The Petrified Haystack of Broadstairs”, the only history of the town in print, and with photographs at present. "Your book then", says Jason. Confirming my suspicion that postmen know everything!

There’s also a Christmas message from the Inland Revenue telling me it would like to relieve me of more tax in 2006, which I suspect is an early prediction of the state of things to come next year as the Treasury struggles to meet Gordon Brown’s spending plans. I note that Thanet North MP Roger Gale, has his own comments to make on the Treasury, when commenting on Mr Blair's Xmas message to the faithful, he writes:

"Not content with fleecing the public through tax rises it seems that the Labour Party`s treasurer is now reduced to holding out the begging bowl on the back of Christmas to try to exploit the "festive" season to raise funds to replace falling membership and subscriptions. This "Christmas message" is a sure indicator of how low Blair`s star has sunk on the political horizon".

Keep sending in any interesting Thanet Christmas news please. One I missed was the police road blocks this week at Sandwich and St Nicholas as all vehicles in and out of the island were stopped and checked for any degree of dodginess. Apparently the police did quite well out of it too, if you count tax disks, illegal immigrants, MOTs and so on as a victory in the fight against crime. Personally, I would much rather see a greater presence on the high streets and I walked all the way from Westgate to Cliftonville and back, via Margate High Street yesterday without seeing one on the ground and only a passing patrol car in Northdown Road. That’s not good enough in mind and I wonder if you agree with me?

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