Monday, December 26, 2005

Dent De Lion or Dandelion

Manston was closed today, the controllers being allowed out of their box for the Bank Holiday, which gave me a chance to buzz around it with my camera, which promptly announced that the batteries expired within moments of my turning it on. I had forgotten that Christmas is inclined to wear heavily on digital cameras.

I managed to fire off a couple of shots but only managed some poor quality, blurry images of what remains of Thanet’s only castle, the remains of Dent De Lion in Garlinge. Historically, it was more of a 14th century medieval manor than a true castle for the Dent De Lion family; I wonder what happened to them I can see that the name was at one point changed to Dandelion in 1847. Dandelion is an adaptation of the French name, ‘dent de lion’ and was referred to as ‘dens leonis’ in Medieval Latin, meaning lion's tooth.

You can see from one of the old photos what it used to look like and you can find more old photos, I’ve restored of Thanet and Garlinge and Dent De Lion in the photo library here.

Heavy snow is forecast for the morning and up in the air at least you can see some heavy cold weather moving in. Thanet has been sitting in a circle of sunlight most of this afternoon. Rather too cold for me to go and watch the football at Hartsdown, so would anyone like to offer a match report?


Cllr David Green said...

Dont know about Margate, but Ramsgate got a good 1-1 draw at Dover with a 1,700 crowd.

James Maskell said...

Margate got a 1-1 draw too with a 905 attendance I hear. A match report will appear on soon I would think. Fans reaction to the game can be found on

James Maskell said...

The match report is now up at (not as I said last night). The site has been recently given a bit of a make-over so its well worth a look.