Saturday, December 24, 2005

Christmas Views of Thanet

If you were out and about this morning in Thanet then you may have spotted me above you taking pictures before the clouds hid the Sun at lunchtime.

I took quite a few of Westwood Cross and the traffic jam on the roundabout, took some new photos of Margate Football Club and also hovered above Margate and Cliftonville snapping many more high-resolution photos of Margate, High Street, Cecil Square, the Old Town and Northdown Road.

You can of course download or view all of these from the photo library here. Can anyone tell me what is being built in the Dreamland area behind the amusement arcade in the photo. You an see a larger view if you go and look at the aerial photos of Margate seafront and Dreamland that I took today.

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ossie said...

Chrismas Eve & no traffic jam at the Clock Tower now that the traffic lights have gone. What a surprise!