Friday, December 16, 2005


In a bit of a coincidence, James Maskell writes:

“Just got back from Margate Train station and have seen groups of Hartsdown pupils (looked like juniors) knocking down parts of the wall between the Promenade and the station and throwing stones at the caravan neighbouring the Promenade. I’m shocked because I recognise one of the pupils. When I spoke to the first group about why they were kicking parts of the wall out (the slabs on top of the wall where people can sit), their reply was "So?" and carried on walking towards the station.”

“When I spoke to the group who were throwing stones at the caravan their response was "Its only Gypsies innit?". They claimed they didn’t do it, despite the fact that I saw them throwing the stones. A window was broken and they didn’t care.”

“Both of these incidents occurred within minutes of each other. I’m shocked to see that a school that was seen as one of the best improving schools in the country turns out pupils like this.”

Ed: Funnily enough, I’m not because as James was at Margate station, I happened to be on my lunchtime run to the gym at Hartsdown and was far from impressed by the general appearance and unruly behaviour of the Hartsdown pupils, who I assumed have just broken-up for Xmas. At one point this year I watched a group of them trying to demolish the glass in the Nayland Rock bus shelter over the school lunchtime. Sadly though, this kind of thing is not unusual from some schools in Thanet, which you might name as easily as me but please tell me I’m wrong.” I even taught P.E. at Hartsdown a very long time ago and standards of behaviour may have slipped a bit since then!


Anonymous said...

this isnt a school its a zoo .i took my daughter out this last term . the standards have certainly sliped over the last 5 years .

Anonymous said...

We have a business opposite the Sea Bathing Hospital where the Hartsdown pupils wait for the bus in the afternoon.
They are often very badly behaved, pushing each other in the road in front of cars, throwing pop bottles in the road in front of cars, fighting, vandalising the bus stop, throwing rubbish in the windows of the Nurses' Home, terrorising old ladies at the bus stop, all sorts of mischief.
In the old days when Ms Chadwick was Head of Hartsdown you could get something done about it - she stood no nonsenes (ex wife of Ken Livingston)now its a waste of time calling them up, we are told that the kids are out of school control, and I suppose they are.
It is of course a waste of time calling Kent Police who would not be interested in the least.
The only positive aspect (if you can call it that) is that, as a local business, we get phone calls from Hartsdown asking if we will take kids for work experience, or if we will provide raffle prizes etc.
That is when our voice IS heard about the problems - as we refuse the request and tell them why!
Sad really..........
As far as a different school is concerned I read something not too good in the local rag about the Marlowe Academy kids last week, I did wonder how long it would be.
You can give an animal a new farmyard but its still an animal.

James Maskell said...

I thought it was reported that the Marlowe pupils behaved themselves and that it was kids from Millmead throwing stones and causing trouble. Of course thats how it was reported in the press and the reality might be a whole different situation.

Anonymous said...

James is absolutely correct. On this occasion it was the pupils of the school who were the well behaved and admirable victims of anti social behaviour.