Saturday, December 31, 2005

Art With a Start

The snow has gone and the Christmas sales are in full swing. I was surprised to see how busy Margate High Street was this morning but it looked as if Woolworth rather than the tattoo and piercing parlour was drawing much of the pedestrian traffic. Mind you, with a special offer on a while you wait nose piercing and tattoo combination, who wouldn’t be tempted by such an interesting way to start the New Year?

The lady in the photo looks a little undecided though.

The open air harbour exhibition of local graffiti - see photo - has now opened opposite the Turner, which has its sign for the visitor centre prominently displayed. Entitled "Art with a Start" and visible to passing ships, it hasn't quite captured my imagination yet but time will tell whether it catches on.


Philip Margate said...

There isn't a tattoo and piercing parlour in Margate High Street.

DrMoores said...

Bottom of the High Street opposite Chinese Medicine Emporium and next door to hairdressers... I'm sure they can give you a nice design for the new year! Just mention ThanetLife!

Philip Margate said...

That's a jewellers which does body piercing using best practice including requesting parental consent and applying age limits.
Next time you're in the neighbourhood come in and say hello, and you'll see we don't do tattoo's. I can give you a discount on a Prince Albert though.

DrMoores said...

Ahh in that case I stand corrected and must apologise. For some reason I assumed that tattoos were also involved. I think I'll pass on the Prince Albert but a generous offer none the less!