Saturday, December 03, 2005

Any Clues?

Theft and arson or spontaneous combustion? Does anyone know the story behind this car dumped in the car park at Westbrook.

Unless perhaps it’s the latest Tracey Emin waiting for a place at the Turner Contemporary?


No No Turner said...

This was actually going to be placed on top of the Turner Contemporary,they paid
£1.5 million for it..

It represents 21st Century Life in Margate and is entitled :


I was told this in person first hand by the Director of the Turner Contemporary who did not realise that some of those mischevious Margate Kids had nicked it from its high security storage area at the Mill Lane Car Park, not realising its true value.

Victoria Pomwery is quoted as saying
"I didn't know it had been nicked, I thought I had the only key to the Krooklok, this is a disaster for the Turner Contemporary,we can't find the logbook so if we can't get it back we may have to cut our salaries in half to be able to afford another £1.5 million to replace it".

Richard Samuel said...

Wasn't this just funny enough to provoke someone to add to the quips?
Obviously not...............