Monday, November 14, 2005

Tram Tracks Saved

Architects working on proposals to demolish the tram shed on Canterbury Road Margate and build seven apartments for individuals with learning difficulties have amended their plans to keep the historic tram tracks at its entrance following pressure from County Councillor Clive Hart.

The amended application still calls for demolition of the Tram Shed but architects now plan to show the wall outlines of the historic building through their latest design.

Cllr. Clive Hart said ‘I’m pleased that the architects now propose to keep the tram tracks as a design feature but I still feel that the Tram Shed could be saved and used as a unique foyer to the development.

I will be lobbying the local county member for Margate West, Robert Burgess, in the hope that he will take this matter further’.

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Anonymous said...

Only last year I renovated a site in Harold Rd Cliftonville and found 2 lengths of tram track supporting a concrete path - we cut it up and incorporated it in footings for a retaining wall.
Some 30 years ago whilst constructing an extension I buried a very heavy RollsRoyce 25/30 1939 front axle assembly in the hardcore of the base - this was a part no one wanted as they never wear out - I have often wondered if anyone will ever find it and regard it as a valuable artefact?
I somehow think that ,like the tram tracks, it will all end up in the scrap smelter and be turned into bean cans.