Saturday, November 26, 2005

Life's a Gas - Not

British Gas is now the most expensive fuel in the world as the North Sea gas fields give out. Why are we in this mess you might ask?

Firstly, we have a storage problem. Unlike the rest of Europe which averages a sixty day supply in reserve, the UK has reportedly only thirteen days because we never built enough gas reservoirs. Why? Because until quite recently we had the luxury of being able to turn the tap on to rather more gas fields than we have today, on demand and at relatively short notice. As these have run out, more quickly it appears than anticipated, we’ve been caught with our proverbial pants down, with government and the gas companies failing to properly plan against the risk of a sudden and severe winter, lasting longer than well, thirteen days.

What does this mean? In the future, energy bills will continue to climb and families will start to notice the bite. I have already. Worse still, North Sea oil is on the way out between 2008 and 2013 and this has provided us with an enormous “cushion” to the economy, hiding some of our more serious problems behind our oil revenues. Dwindling oil money will lead to much higher taxation and an end to generous public spending and so the Prime Minister best buy his reportedly planned (Royal) Air Force One now while we can afford it and the fuel to go with it.

I predict that by the end of the decade we’ll see many more elderly people retiring to Spain and other warm climates, simply to avoid crippling energy bills.


Anonymous said...

You are so right, I am now in Florida half the year, just reluctantly come back to Thanet to see Mum and take care of my income.
Ok there are hurricanes but where I live there its not a particularly vulnerable area.
Petrol is affordable, so is food and utilities.Crime is generally low and the Police are effective. Where crime is high (ghetto areas) I don't go or live.
The American way of life is officially dedicated towards the pursuit of happiness, not something you could ever say about Thanet, Kent and the UK in general where its all an ever increasing struggle against overwhelming odds.
Our Council is a bad joke,our government is pathetic, our Police are terribly useless. aggravating crime and antisocial behaviour is increasingly widespread, petrol is about the most expensive in the world, houses are not affordable for many younger people,and gas and electricity are expensive.
And there is just not a lot of happiness.
Everyone is stressed out - or on medication for it.
While I will be the first to admit there are problems in some areas of the US there seem to be none in the small town I have adopted.
Clean streets, little or no crime, cheap petrol, affordable housing, friendly neighbours,it all sounds too good to be true.
But it is true,10 months down the line I can still find no fault with it.
Why can't we make Thanet like that?
I feel like a rat deserting a sinking ship!

Anonymous said...

Once again we have been lied too about the reserves of mineral fuels. Brit gas wants another 40% increase for something they get virtually free out of the ground...
Why, oh why, do Governments NOT tell us the truth on these matters?
Instead, they try to hide the indecencies, and then try to blame someone else when they are caught with their pants down. We are supposed to "fall" for this every time.
Makes you wonder what other crap is going on without 'open' knowledge!
Thanet produces a lot of waste, how about opening Richborough Power Station, burning it, and using the heat to produce electricity. (If this has already been thought of, I apolagise).

Anonymous said...

Yes it has been thought of, and Thanet was accused by Canterbury of exporting its pollution as the site is just on the border (or it might have been the other way around but I don't think so).
Anyway don't apologise it sounded like a good solution to me as well, quite apart from domestic refuse there is as much heat in a car tyre properly and totally burnt as 6 litres of oil, and we have been landfilling these for decades.

Anonymous said...

Burning it must be better than any landfill, it could handle Canterbury's Refuse too, thereby producing more power and 'dealt with' refuse. It only needs a catalytic converter fitted to cut down pollutive gasses. Besides, Canterbury cannot complain about its borders and pollution... anybody get that deeeelish (cynic) smell near all those residences at Vauxhaul Road roundabout. Sometimes, this brings me to wretching point, as it even penetrates my air conditioning. If they want to argue, they should first deal with that crap!