Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Unexpected Guests

Can anyone remember this incident in Broadstairs in August 1942?

A battle-damaged Short Stirling bomber, returning from Mainz in Germany, tried to land at Manston but "missed" and ended-up in the gardens of 130 and 132 Rumfields Road.

Its nose was against the back wall of No:130 and it trapped two children in the Anderson shelter in the garden of No:132

Seeing how close the nose of the aircraft was to the bedroom window of the house, one can imagine the pilots thinking it their lucky day, although it's unlikely they survived the war, given the high casualty figures suffered by Bomber Command in Stirling bombers. Did they make it?

Ed: I've done my best to restore the photo which was in a poor state.


Anonymous said...

From "Thanet at War 1939-1945" by Roy Humphreys:-
Thursday 13th August 1942
Broadstairs 03.55 - RAF bomber crash.
Returning from a raid, a damaged Stirling four-engined bomber, had been advised to land at Manston. It had been circling the airfield because the undercarriage failed to operate. It was ordered to make a belly landing when the wheels suddenly came down. The pilot decided to make a normal landing and had just lined up to make his approach when the engines stopped. He had run out of fuel. Unable to alter course at such low level the Stirling crashed on to an Anderson shelter in the back garden of No. 132 Rumfields Road.
Several of the crew received slight injuries, but when they climbed out of the bomber were astonished to learn there were several children in the shelter. Despite their rude awakening the children began arguing with each other about the type of aircraft which had very nearly killed them all!

Brian Woodland said...

Is it possible that the pilot was trying to get into Ramsgate airport?