Monday, April 18, 2005

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The Thanet Tourism home page tells us: "Take a fresh look at Thanet. Our new website aims to inspire and inform, to give an insight into the isle, and show you fantastic places to stay. With an abundance of things to do, and places to visit."

A design that could be improved?

I tried calling their number to suggest some new ideas last week but the home page lists a contact name who doesn't work there anymore. Not an auspicious start but I did find a second name to try on the recorded message.

Apparently the tourism and leisure Web site is out to tender for re-design soon, that's the good news but the bad news is there's no real idea of when a more vibrant Thanet Tourism, the sequel, will appear.

I tried very hard to encourage the lady I spoke to take a quick look at Thanet Life for some ideas, particularly around the slide show feature, which they could pop-up in no time and at zero expense to the council but she took offense at my suggestions on how it might be improved.

"That's telling me", she said, adding she was too busy to look at the website - had to go into a meeting - and the system log shows that there were no TDC visits on that day.

The council has a feedback-form for suggestions. Bear in mind this is the same council that reportedly "Lost" a quarter of a million messages last year, so I'm not too hopeful!

One of our readers commented that it's rather like him dropping into a potential customer on his delivery route. "I've some products that might interest you", he says. "Not interested", says the man behind the counter.

Now driving a white van, the shop's owner has no idea what our reader might be selling. It could be £50 notes at a fiver each but he's not prepared to find out, which is bound to trigger an argument and in some ways mirrors my experience with our Tourism and Leisure department.

Never mind, come to Thanet Life and you'll probably find more information and links anyway. Please keep sending these in!

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Barrie said...

About 2 weeks ago parked outside the Thanet Tourist Office in Margate, I popped in.
I asked the Lady if they have an internet connection in their office? She got very protective, "why do you want to know?" I said so you can look something up I replied, " It is only for the use of staff" she barked back."
Do you know about I asked, "No, what is it" I explained, stating that her office was linked on it ,so it might be an idea if she knew about it. This it to show exactly what the Ed is writing is true,
This Lady at Thanet Tourist office was sure I was selling something and did not want to know, talk or inform.......