Thursday, March 17, 2005

Local Character

Local Characters
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Sent in by Barrie Smith, this is local Picture Framer, Tony Hyde, who has his business in Station Rd, Birchington.

Barrie tells us that Tony is "An excellent framer, he is always pleased to help and welcomes customers in his art-packed shop."


Phoebe Carpenter said...

I think this is a very good article on the Framer in Birchington. We have been to Tony on several occasions and I totally agree - he is FAB! Please keep writing about Thanet, Barrie!! Thanks!!

Anonymous said...

Its a very good article, tony is one of the few framers in kent who , and as soon as you meet him , you understand the title ' local character'!

Buster Brown said...

Beautiful painter, wonderful framer, all this from a greek orthdodox preist. He will understand your requirements and create a special surrounding for you.

Graham said...

Sometimes in your life you come across a little shop just like this one that is a treasure trove waiting to be discovered. I think he should rename the shop "Serendipity"

He has always been polite and helpful and knows exactly what colour and frame will always suit.

If you are not happy with the final result, then in my opinion you can not be happy with yourself!

A great shop and well worth a visit.

Anonymous said...

Already its 2011... Incredible I stumbled across this photo and remember a young Tony from early 1980 when I lived in Margate. The Working Mens club Malcolm, Gough, John O'Connor, Jimmy Bishop and this struggling artist. All the best if you read this Tony

Kevin & Mandy O'Callaghan ( now in West Yorkshire)