Sunday, February 20, 2005

Survey Information

Readers will notice the addition of a new survey and polling feature to this website. All information is treated anonymously and in theory, you should only be able to vote on any subject once, as the engine should store your PC's dynamic IP address when you press "Vote".

You should then be able to see the results of the survey to date and we will be letting these run for a while before publishing the results, in order to make them as valid and as representative as possible of local opinion.

On a technical note, if you are using a Macintosh PC or the Open Source, Firefox Web browser, you may have problems completing the form and the first symptom is a voting form which doesn't display neatly.

If you are willing to indicate your voting preference at the next General Election (anonymously) then please follow the link to the Voting Form as a litmus test of political opinion in Thanet.

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